Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chris Warner Actor/Writer Sin City, Punisher + Contest for Hunger games MockingJay Pin & Autograph!

At WonderCon 2012 Saturday, March 17 at Anaheim Convention Center

 During my adventure through the endless isles of aggressive sales vendors at WonderCon I run across a pleasant surprise. 
Chris Warner, as actor/writer whose credits include Sin City, Punisher, Machete, The Event, Idiocracy and No Country for Old Men catches my attention. I was thinking "What a great autograph for my 20 yr old Man/Child." 
After chatting and asking for his autograph for my son, I find out that Chris is working on another graphic novel movie. It looks so exciting! Chris informed me that he already has a stunt coordinator and I flipped through the graphic novel while Chris discussed scenes for the movie that are already planned out. These scenes involve heavy chains and a prison break. A lone man working against the power. It sounds like an action adventure with tons of macho manliness along the lines of Sin City.

I can't wait for the film to be post production and to be on the red carpet shouting Chris's name and again asking for an autograph.


Check out Chris's IMIb 

Friend Chris on Facebook

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and then Leave me a comment below letting me know all was accomplished.

Contest Ends 4/27/12

I ship anywhere so no one is excluded

Good Luck All

Prizes My MockingJay Pen wore at the Hunger Games Movie Premiere, also My ticket numbers 501 that got me into the movie premeire and Chris Warner's autograph! 

One winner will win All
 My ticket is a bit beat up but it is rare, you had to camp out to get the thing! 

Yes I know Chris has nothing to do with the Hunger Games but followers have been asking for a MockingJay Pin contest, so here it is. Chris was so nice, I felt he should get some publicity. Hope no one minds. Follow him, he's a great guy.


  1. I dont know that actor very much but im sure if i lookingand start to watch what hes done i will reconizing him lol... im on it right now

    thank to share this awesome blog with us


  2. Done
    Now I know why his face was so familiar but I only reconize him till I looked his IMDb page
    FB:Monserrat Pekeñia
    Twitter: @monsetwilighter

    thanks for the chance

  3. Followed, like, reviewed, the WHOLE LOAD! I'd love to win the pin, Jen, it looks GORGEOUS!

  4. "Liked" Chris Warner on FB.
    Following Chris Warner on Twitter.
    and I checked out Chris' IMDB profile.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

    1. Your the winner of the Autograph. Pls contact me with your mailing address. Congrats. Jen

    2. OMG! I just got this message. I know I'm about over a year and half late. Its quite possible that you probably went with another winner.

  5. I looked at his IMDB page, I saw that he is in "Where the Heart Is", i absolutely LOVED that movie. My mom and I used to watch it together because it was based on what happened in a walmart near where I am from. It's such a great movie! I don't actually think i've seen any of his other things, but i will have to check them out now that i'm aware of it.
    I liked his facebook page, and am following him on twitter!
    I would love to be able to win that Hob ticket!!

  6. Done, done, and done! Love your giveaways


  7. Checked out his IMDB, liked him on Facebook, and followed him on twitter. Thanks for the opportunity. May the Odds Be Ever in my Favor.

    Twitter: @j_r_squared

  8. 1)Done
    3)Done :)

    Twitter- LilMel13

  9. Woo Hoo! This guy rocks and he is so friendly. I did all of the steps above and wanted to say please and thank you for this contest.


    Cort Kern

  10. Oh I really want to win this! I have yet to find a Mockingjay pin! I follow all the blogs needed & twitter accounts.

    My Twitter is @VintageVampyre
    My Email is vintagevictoria71089@yahoo.com

  11. Hey Jen,
    How come I never received any of my prizes? Did I do something wrong?