Monday, May 14, 2012

My Encounter at the Battleship Movie Premiere! Win Autographs from Alexander Skarsgård & Jesse Plemons

Photos I had in hand to try to get Autographed

Crews started working before daybreak

Yep, 6a.m at Nokia is early
Lunch time at ESPN Zone
Sitting in the shade of the Staple's Center during the long day
Special Car arrives & they hide it in a tent
Photo of my display board ready for autographs with Nokia in the background.

7pm arrives and our first actor arrives!
My first thought is "I can see Alice Cullen having a fit over this outfit."
First to autograph is Jesse Plemons. He signs the entire line of fans and is very nice about it.
Thank you Jesse Plemons for the autographs! 
Jesse has been in several movies & tv shows
 a few are  
Boatswain Mate Seaman Jimmy 'Ordy' Ord
Finding North
  Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV series)
Bigger Kid
  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series)
Owen Durbin
  Grey's Anatomy (TV series)
Jake Burton
  Cold Case (TV series)
Ryan Stewar
  Friday Night Lights (TV series)
Landry Clarke

Upcoming projects are

  Bent (TV series)
  The Master (post-production)
Val Dodd

Next to show up and autograph for everyone is Alexander  Skarsgård! 

Lets just watch him walk across the street in the next set of photos

Had to watch him walk back across the street too. 
He is so tall and just as beautiful in-person as on the screen. Some actors look totally different in-person, Not Alexander. 
He only autographs one item per person which is something he announces himself when he starts to autograph, which we all respected. Its a good thing that I brought several people with me so I could get extra autographs for contest winners the blog! 
 Alexander Skarsgård's upcoming roles 
2013 Hidden
2012 What Maisie Knew (post-production)
2012 The East (post-production)
2012 Disconnect (post-production)

Please support him in his upcoming roles

Next to show us was Taylor Kitsch, he signed for the entire line EXCEPT for my little patch & he held up his hand and pointed and Promised to come back to me & he never did. 

Sorry guys, I tried but I did get these photos of him along with his pointing & promising.

**Pouts at Taylor Kitsch**

More pics of the Battleship car

An hour late Rihanna arrives and she never turns around to acknowledge any fans at all. She walks out of the car onto the blue carpet and does her interviews with the press without even one wave to us.

She is dressed in white and no where in site that I can see

Contest Time

I am giving away four (4) Autographs.

Four winners. Each winner winning an (one) Autograph.

2 autographs from Alexander Skarsgård & 2 autographs from Jesse Plemons

Good Luck to all & I hope you enjoy the blog!

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  1. Awesome!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity. @j_r_squared

  2. Oh My Alexander! I am absolutely in lust with him & would be ecstatic if I won his autograph! :D
    My Twitter is @VintageVampyre

  3. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE ERIC TRUE BLOOD ? He's my favourite character EVER from the show.
    I don't know if I can survive if I win his autograph omg.

  4. Thank you for always posting these pictures and comments. I would love to win Alexander Skarsgards autograph! Thanks again for attending these events and giving those of us who live to far away a chance to win! :)


    1. Not sure why Anonymous came up but my name is Melissa.

  5. I LOVED Jesse Plemons in Grey's Anatomy! I'm a die hard fan of that show, and he has always been one of my favorite patients!
    Thanks for having such amazing contests!

  6. wow! thank you for all the great photos!! Alexander has never looked anything but the same and gorgeous in any candid photos. LOVE him! -- @eccentriceye

  7. Awesome shots! Good luck to all!!!

  8. Love Alexander so much, he's an amazing actor ! Hope to win one of his autographs :)
    My twitter is : @MarineStylikson