Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Encounter at Breaking Dawn Part 2 #TentCity & Movie Premiere!

To start this adventure, I have to start with Friday November 2ed when I get a facebook request for a couch to sleep on. Yes, an agent for FOUR of the new wolf pack members in Breaking Dawn said she was going to be in town for the Twilight Convention in LA and wanted a place to sleep with a wolf pup she was bringing with her.

I told her that I was two hrs one way away from LA but sure, I had a couch she could sleep on and a doggie bed for the Wolf.

Sunday the 4th arrives and I drive the five hour round trip to LA to pick up the wolf and his agent. (Since they had no rental car) They take shelter in my home for the next three days while I work and prepare for TentCity on Thursday 11-08. With their flight back to Canada on Weds the 7th, I causally suggest the Wolf should stay for the Premiere so the Agent happily agrees and cancels his plane ticket home and leaves him with me.

Photos of Brandon hanging out in "VictomVille Mall in Cali dressed all in Red. This wolf is brave!"