Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Win Annie Thurman's AUTOGRAPH! Hunger Games' Tent City & Red-Carpet Premiere including Photos & Videos #Contest


This contest is for This Exact Magazine which is seen here being autographed by Annie Thurman the Tribute from District 9

Contest Time
To win this Magazine autographed by Annie 

Leave a Comment below (with a way to contact you)
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We will put your name in a bowl and draw out a winner from it! The more entries the better you chances to win!

Contest ends on April 14th!

Thank you & Good luck to all!





 (When you leave a comment please make sure I know how to get a hold of you if you win! Leave a Twitter acct or Email address)


  1. awesome.... it seem you had a lot of fun and see a lot of the actors i wish ans i hope i will be able to go at an events like that one time in my life lol. pictures are amazing love your blog

    thank to bring us with you to all the events you go. It make us dream


  2. I didn't know you were THAT close with the cast :3
    I love those pictures, Jen.
    And I LOVE Annie Thurman because she portrays her character perfectly.
    I wasn't disappointed on her cos most of the casting was disappointing.
    She's also flawless and if I get to win her autograph. I WOULD CHERISH IT.
    I would really appreciate it and ALWAYS show it off to my friends, to make them jealous *wink*

    Tell them that I have an awesome friend like you.

  3. I would love to have that magazine!
    With their autographs on it makes it even more special! Their role models! They tell you to never give up! That's why I would love to have it!

  4. Twitter name: @JuliaElenaV

    Q: Leave a comment about how you feel below to enter to win a prize.

    How I feel? No words can describe it. To actually have a chance to win the magazine signed by Annie? That is just amazing. She is such an inspiration and to actually have something like that would mean the world to me and I want to have it! Annie is so talented and I think she's perfect for the Tribute 9 girl which is so unfortunate that she dies in the Cornucopia, but it would be an honor to have that mag with her autograph.

  5. Twitter:

    Well, when I signed up to get my district from last year, they sorted me into district 9, so I feel like I have a connection with Annie already. I was watching the live streaming of the red carpet event because I couldn't be there, and Annie looked amazing! Yes, she dies at the Cornucopia, but she is still one of my favorite tributes. After all, it's District pride that matters! I'll be here supporting D9 on March 22nd! Furthermore, I live in Singapore, where we don't really get to see the actors in real life, so I think it's a wonderful opportunity that you got to meet her! I know that I won't be disappointed with Annie, because I believe that she's a great actress! GO ANNIE!!

  6. How I feel? I'm beyong excited for this movie. The other day IO started randomly crying for no reason. I really like annie too. I know she isnt a main character, not even close, and im not going to lie and say she was perfectly cast because we will barely see her, but she is a very nice girl! I would love to add her to my autograph collection!

  7. How i feel about it... I think it's pretty cool to have an autograph from actor who played in The Hunger Games. If i could have it... If i will have it. I will be very happy. I love The Hunger Games. THG is important for me, so if i could have a little part, a very important little part of The Hunger Games, it would be great. I'll kill myself. :D And it's all because i live by The Hunger Games. Every day.
    Russian people can't meet THG actors. So, it could be an amazing opportunity to have something from THG actor.
    Just please.

    My post address:
    Khidesheli Anna Imedovna
    Starovatutinskiy proezd, dom 1, kv. 150
    Russia, Moscow

    Twitter: @4evermanics

  8. I think that it's amazing that you got the chance to go to the premiere. I had wanted to go so badly, but being in texas and having classes the same day made it impossible. It must have been such an exhilarating experience; a once in a lifetime type of thing. I can't believe how close you were to all the actors, I know I would have been so excited and maybe a little nervous...

    Twitter: @spazzmatazz92

  9. You are so lucky being able to meet the cast and get their autographs!! I am obsessed with THG,the books,movie,cast...and being able to have one of the cast's would be so happy! It would have a very special place with m other Hunger Games merchandise <3

    I live in the US

  10. I really would like to win please! I have never won anything in my life and I'v always entered in so many so please pick me I would seriously be the happiest girl in the world! I should also win because I think Annie is beautiful and amazing and I know that she's going to go really far and I just want her to know that I'm going to be there for her and be one of her fans from the beginning to the end! She'd also be the very first autograph I have ever gotten =]! I love you Annie please don't let fame or whatever people say about you change you!

  11. I started reading the Hunger Games series a couple years ago, and immediately I loved it! I was so excited to see the movie, and I was also really happy to see Annie Thurman cast (although I'll admit I'd have liked if she had a bigger part).
    I'm an aspiring actress and Annie is SUCH an inspiration to me! I'd LOVE to win her autograph!
    Thanks for your consideration.
    Twitter: @bigforsquids

  12. I want to win this & I follow all the needed twitter accounts. :D

    My Twitter is @VintageVampyre

  13. Eek im so jealous you got to be that close to ALL the stars! I would love to get a little piece of the action by winning Annie Thurman's autograph!


  14. That magazine would mean the world to me! She's one of my celebrity crushes and SHE HELD IT and just asdfghjkl. Plus, it's a Hunger Games magazine, and who wouldn't want that?! I would definitely cherish it!

    Twitter: @FrenchFroys
    I follow both Twitters and the blog (werowdy)


  15. win this magazine would means a lot to me, because I love her so much !
    I hope I would be lucky !

    I follow the 2 twitter accounts !

    My twitter is @MarineStylikson

  16. I forgot to say I also follow all of the blogs listed. :)

  17. Hey, Jen!

    I'd really LOVE to win this beautiful autograph!

    My twitter: @amiescheepers

    I did everything you asked me to :)

    I'd REAAAAAALLY love go win this, <3



  18. I would love to win because The Hunger Games is my favorite series, I've seen the movie more then once, I gotten my sister,mom, cousin, my dad and my aunt into the series, I wear my mockingjay pin every day, and I would be so happy if I won. :)

    Twitter -LilMel13