Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Encounter with Collin Littlesea (Brayden Jimmie) #Contest for Autographs!!!

See the kid on the Left, black shorts, arm folded up in a thoughtful expression! Oh yeah, that is Brayden Jimmie. With over four scenes that I am remember seeing in the movie, it is a shame Brayden is uncredited in the movie. But I did get my chance to meet him, his agent and his parents! 
Of course I am going to have a contest for items shown in this above photo.
With Breaking Dawn part 2 coming out next year, I'm sure Collin will have added scenes and we are working towards making sure Summit Entertainment doesn't forget to credit NAMED characters of the Twilight saga, so winning his autograph now will be a wonderful prize for anyone!

I meet Brayden (Collin) at the Breaking Dawn Movie Premiere that his talent agent & parents along with Brayden flew from Canada to attend. Unfortunately Brayden was unable to walk the Black Carpet per Summit rep there (Rolls eyes) but he was given tickets to see the movie. 

Meeting on Nov 14, 2011 at nokia Theathre L.A. Live

He is so cute! Don't you agree!

Basic Information

May 7, 1997
Brayden grew up in Chilliwack, B.C. and is attending school full-time.

Acting is a new and strong passion for him and he is already accepting roles in up and coming movies! How exciting!!

Wait and see Brayden in his debut movie to be released in theatres before the end of the year!!
Personal Interests
General Interests: Soccer, skateboarding, snowboarding, tubing, ATVing, camping, playing video games, BMXing Street, His Pet Pug - Peanut, Pineapple on his Pizza, boating

Music interests: Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, Eminem, Bob Marley

Movie Interests: ALL the Twilight Movies, Ace Ventura, 8Mile, Grown Ups, Simpsons, Pineapple Express, Jackass (all of them)
...See More

Talent Agent Website
Working on finding original photos that "Someone helped" me by downloading them onto a computer in an unknown location but until I find the originals, her are some of my phone copies.

friend Brayden on his personal Facebook at

Make a comment on this blog page telling me which ways you entered. I will verify and pick winners at random.

I do ship overseas so everyone can enter!

Good luck to all!
Brady Fuller - "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" 


  1. i did everything , but follow your blog
    don't worry i check your blog regularly i just don't have an account.
    - @vfcbiebzaddict

  2. hi! i entered by the 5 ways you mention :D wish me luck! CU! <3


  3. Oh hi!
    I entered all of the ways to entry the contest. Twitter: @xlonelylullaby

  4. I did all the stuff to enter and should be entered 5 times. I'd love to win! :)

    My Twitter: @VintageVampyre
    My Email:

  5. Hey there Twilight jen :) I will send you an autograph book from both swo-wo and Brayden but they have to like both boys fan pages on facebook
    Love from the red goddess :)

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  7. Hey sweetie!

    I don't have the Illustarted Guide yet, becuz it isn't in English here (stupid Holland...) And Brady and Collin are AWESOME! Great contest once more!

    I friended them, tweeted, followed and all that jazz! :D

    Love you, cutie,



  8. I just sent you a friend request

  9. I friended them, tweeted and followed :)

    my twittername is @Pernille56

  10. whooo super cool
    a mutt autograp(jen u will laugh) yay i want to complete with the booboo one love the all the contest

    see ya soon

  11. Hi. My name is Kristy Cooper. You probably won't believe me but I go to A.D Rundle middle in Chilliwack and i'm in Sheltered Ed. with Brayden. I speak to him on a daily basis. If you want to contact me at all here's my Deviantart and my Tumblr
    If you have anything you want me to say to him at allI totally can. Don't message me back on here as I am unfamiliar with the website.