Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Win PRIMROSE'S Autograph #CONTEST! “THE HUNGER GAMES” Cast Appearance Westfield Century City Mall #CONTEST PRIM's AUTOGRAPH!


This fan-girl gets up on a Saturday morning at 2am. My hair is fluffy and I'm ready to leave my house at 4am. I arrive at 5:00am. $28 parking can only be found at the nearby 5 star hotel. Travel time from my house used $40 gas. 

After finding parking and huffing it up the prized steps into the  Westfield mall, I am greeted by a Westfield security lady who informs me to go to the bridge. With a gloved hand she begins to point and instruct where this bridge is. "To the left. Just keep taking lefts at each block corner until you see the bridge." 

So returning back down those steps I thought about all morning long, I follow the instructions given to me by the Westfield security and I make my first, second then third left where I have an encounter with a disheveled homeless man and his shopping cart of goodies screaming that I am going to hell. "Don't you understand, You are going to Hell!" at the top of his lungs. This is about 5:15 am. I pretend I am invisible and keep walking, only faster now till I turn the next corner and see "The Bridge". This bridge is filled with hundreds of people looking down this long block as I walk up-to, under and to the right to find the steps onto this bridge. (Such a lovely morning so far and it only gets better from here, right? It has too)

My Twilight Convention girlfriends arriving at 7:30 am, after breakfast and a nice night of sleep, are allowed into the mall before US and able to form a line inside the mall-- instead of being herded to the overpass bridge! Police show up, and I'm not talking about the Chief Swan type I'm talking about LAPD-move-along-nothing-to see-here-batton-slapping-fresh-from-ocuppy-the-street-LA-crowd control- type all huffy about us even being ON the bridge in the first place. The Bridge is off the mall property, owned by the city and we should NOT be in this area without permits!! We were just trying to get a ticket to see a Q&A and possibly get an autograph, we didn't put ourselves on the bridge! The Mall Security and Lionsgate herded us mothers, daughters, sons, and friends to this bridge!
    (My blogger girlfriend arrived at 1a.m. got onto mall property & waited by Microsoft door and was given wristband for meet & greet) Follow the rules Don't follow the rules?

Once inside mall with Twilight friends we make our way through this 1100 sq ft caged area (Nothing but blacktop & sun) up to front gate where stage is being setup. Stand "butt to boob" with Tweens fighting for first spot at stage. By this time its 10:30 am. (Remember no breakfast-sunny California and I'm in a cage standing "butt to boob" with strangers)

(One side note, this location does not have any public bathrooms at all until the mall opens which is 11 am)

Representatives of both Lionsgate & Westfield mall say "Okay, Stand right there till 6:30pm. You can leave our cage but if you do, you can only leave for an hour and you have to take a "hallpass" to leave and you do lose your spot in-front of the stage when you do leave. (Gets better) Oh and we only have a limited number of hall passes."

Then they bring in the port-a-pottys to our cage. Which even if you did use, you lose your spot you fought for in front of the stage. (Keep in mind we are in 1100 sq ft and they just brought in 6 port-a-potty's into our living room)

Oh and by-the-way, the 100 who were picked to get meet and greet (the ones who arrived yesterday for this event) will be placed in-front of you in this area that you think is the stage and so will the press.

So standing in my third row back from the front of the staging area (that really wasn't third row by the time press and vips arrive) still "Butt to Boobs" the event planners pass out mini posters and say they are going to have dance contests, trivia and ect...and all I can think is THEY want me to stand in this one spot for next 10 hours (Blood sugar dropping to below zero & getting sunburn) for a Q & A that I will not be able to see even with my zoom lens sony camera after I already spent 8 hours just getting to this point in the day.........Who the "Cuss de cuss" do they think they are!?  I'll watch the Q & A on Youtube if I ever get so inclined.
I have attended a great number of fan events around LA, Hollywood including Vegas, never, ever have i been treated in this manner, but this was my first Lionsgate ran event. I have seen a lot of talk on the web saying "Oh it was the Mall security that handled this event, bla bla" 
My observation on site was of a Lionsgate Rep at 5:30 a.m.on the bridge directing Westfield Mall security  My Photo of Lionsgate Representative at 5:30 am on the said BRIDGE directing security!!
*Smile Lionsgate this is your event*

  The rest of the photos taken & Videos from that lovely morning are posted below.

See this is me trying to get into Microsoft side of Mall at 5 a.m. only to be told to walk to bridge 20 mins away and round 6 city blocks


This is my photo of my walk into our cage. My observation. Small area. No bigger than my house. Lionsgate and Westfield mall advertising "First 1000 get this, First 1000 Come on down ect" The setting up of cameras on tri-pods on mall roof 15 feet above our heads. Forcing 1000 "Tweens & Fandom fans" into a small area, get them screaming and jumping around pushed in tight together over Movie Posters and Trinkets for next 10 hours. Not allowing them to even spend money in the mall. Forcing them if they do leave to be back in an hour for next 10 hours. ((Can we say Publicity stunt for free Promo shots to promote your upcoming movie so that more Presale tickets will be sold???)) Kids online thinking while watching on twitter and facebook the "Pretend massive crowd all in a frenzy all day long over the Hunger Games fandom event are thinking OMG I have to see this movie, look at all those people my age there and having a great time, the movie must be worth it. *Kid dashing to living room* Dad I have to have tickets now!! They are going to be sold out!"
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(If you can not tell from the above read, I did not get to see any of these stars nor did I get any autographs at this event)

The Overhead Made to look larger than life Promo Pic.


The Q & A lasted 18 mins!

 I wanted to link to a few of the fan concerns that were posted on the Westfield facebook page but they have all been deleted. The only posts left are the RSVP's 


Follow the rules Don't follow the rules?  What would you do or have done?

Also, do you think Lionsgate is prepared for the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere?

Contest Time

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Contest ends on March 29th

Thank you & Good luck to all! 
Win the People's Hunger Games magazine with Willow's autograph in it & a "Down with the Capitol" Key Chain!

This autograph I obtained in TentCity at HungerGames Premiere event (I suffered to obtain this so please only enter if you will protect & adore this prize)

PrimRose Everdeen played by Willow Shields

Two winners

One prize winner will win the People's Magazine & a key chain

One prize winner will win key chain

I do ship Overseas, Just please provide a proper mailing address so postage is not wasted.


  1. wow what a day ...... it was hell lol. Get ready for the Breaking Dawn part2 events Peoples will be all crazy.


  2. There is no way in heck Lionsgate will be ready for the Last Goodbye to Twilight.. Breaking Dawn Pt 2 UNLESS... they keep the former Summit people!!
    Unlike Summit- Lionsgate was not there to make the fans happy they were their for their own publicity.
    The maker of "Breaking Wind" does NOT understand the fandom.
    If they tell the Twilight fans how to get their tickets and badges etc they better make a plan and stick to the plan.
    You wont need to fake the numbers for the premiere unless they get turned away by this stuff and decide to just meet together and have their own Fan premieres!

  3. Wow that sounds like a very stressing day. I hope you at least are happy you went! I wish I could go to something like that! I follow you on twitter & the other you mentioned. I really want to win this! I'm a huge Hunger Games fan! :)

    My twitter is @VintageVampyre

  4. A complete lack of respect for the fans by Lionsgate, obviously they are not prepared for something as big as Breaking Dawn Part 2.

    Rules as to say they are there to be broken and in view of poor organization....; I hope that, for the next time Lionsgate should take into account the importance of these events has for the fans, as well as the sacrifices they made ​​to attend.

  5. How I feel about this prize? I WOULD LOVE ADORE AND CHERISH IT! You know what a Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter fan I am! TeamJen, remember? :D I want to win this prize SO bad, also because Prim is my favorite character from the series, that words cannot explain it! I really hope I win her autograph, I would frame it and hang it above my bed so that each night when I go to sleep I would see her in front of me <3 And I would think of you and how greatful I am to know you!

    Thanks for being a part of my life!

    1. follow this blog & Please Leave a comment about how you feel below to enter to win a prize.

      Please Follow http://twilightpack.blogspot.com/ blog

      Follow my Twitter at @TwilightJen

  6. I'm positive that Lionsgate aren't prepared for Breaking Dawn P2 premiere because BD would be really BIG. And I could see that this premiere sucks. I feel bad for you Jen, I can feel your disappointment cos I was expecting even more when I knw that you were on the front line for the tix.

    Oh and you know how I feel about The Hunger Games right? I LOVE IT ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE TWILIGHT. And I really adore Primrose Everdeen and Willow cos Prim was absolutely one of my favourite characters from the books. And she's almost pretty much like Jane but minus the evilness :3
    And if I could win her autograph I will absolutely hang it on my wall or probably show it off to my friends at school and to my boyfriend so they'll get jealous because I have an awesomesauce friend like you :D

  7. I've heard from several people that went to these events, not necessarily the LA one but in general and they said it was "fun... but very unorganized." And I can understand why people would be get upset, bc that sounds awful to me. But at the same time with events that large- its difficult to control a mass. It can be done! I know it can, I've seen it happen on several occasions. I'm just giving them the benefit of the doubt that these are bigger events than they would anticipate. Summit was the same way- and still kinda is unorganized, but I was rather impressed by the turn around last NOV. Started out horrible & then got much much better. But that's my take it- other people would tell you much much differently. So of course they are never going to be able to please ever single person. Could they have organized it better? sure. Every event has room for improvement. But all in all, I've never walked away from events completely disappointed-- no matter what the conditions were ((NYC 15hrs in the freezing rain for WFE premiere))or how long we waited in line,or being told we'd have a surprise and then NOTHING... but the end was worth it! And it looks like you got quite a few autographs and got to meet the cast, so seems to me it turned out okay in the end :-) Hope your HG premiere experience went a little smoother.

    Twitter: adawnn1

  8. Twitter name: @JuliaElenaV

    Q: Leave a comment about how you feel below to enter to win a prize.

    How I would feel? Honestly, no words can describe it. If I one day woke up and see that I won, I would wait by the mailbox ALL DAY just to get it, and I would honestly burst into tears. I am such a big fan and I know how hard it took for you to get that, and I PROMISE YOU, it's in good hands. The Hunger Games books I have in a secure place and they are in PERFECT condition, and so will that autograph. It would be an honor to have it because not only is Willow an amazing actress but I commend her for taking a role like this against a billion other girls! She is perfect for the part and I'm just excited that I have a chance to actually win this, so thank YOU for this opportunity!

  9. Wow! What an awful experience you had! I've never been to any kind of event like this to know how they work but seems to me like lack of organization and compassion to the fans was the big issue here. Why would they have a limited number of "Hall Passes"? Of course, I would not want to be in charge of a big event like this....I wouldn't have the heart to disappoint those who've waited so long. I hope your next event is a more pleasant one!

    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win!!

  10. Jen, I just wanted to let you know HOW FRIGGIN MUCH I WANT THIS AUTOGRAPH! I'm like going spastic and all I can think of is you and this contest! GOD! Please, I beg you, send this autograph to one who will cherish, love and adore it as much as I would!

    1. You left no information to contact you if you win. Sorry it kept you from being considered- Paul

  11. Big fan of the book and movie . i just saw it yesterday and i was crying through a good portion of it. There's probably bigger fans who entered the contest , but i would still love to win. I would love the autograph, but even the keychain would be cool.


  12. Hi, I would absolutely love the opportunity to get the autograph! I'm a massive fan of both the books and the films! I can sympathise with you on the queueing up, I went to see Jacqueline Wilson once and I was queueing for 7 hours! Admittedly it's not as bad as your experience but it was really cold and I couldn't feel my feet or toes! I would absolutely love to win! Words can't even describe how excited I'd be!


  13. Hello! My name is Anna, i'm 16. I'm the biggest The Hunger Games fan ever. I love it so much. The Hunger Games became a very important part of my life. I just can't live without it. I wake up every day and first my idea is only The Hunger Games. It's my obsession. Now my friend love it too and we're going crazy. Yes, i'm crazy about The Hunger Games. So, this is how i feel about it.
    I love Jennifer and Josh, and also Amandla Stenberg, Jacqueline Emerson and of course Willow Shields. Two days ago Willow replied me on twitter, she wished me: "Happy Monday", and i'm SO happy because of it. I mean, she's great. And when someone like her answer to me i just want to shout like AAAAAAAA. So, if i could have her autograph.. I don't know. I think i'll die. I think it means so much to me.
    Please, give me a chance to feel myself more happier than now.
    Thank you.

    I'm from Russia and of course there's no opportunity to meet anyone from The Hunger Games cast. Just give me a chance.

    My post address:
    Khidesheli Anna Imedovna
    Starovatutinskiy proezd, dom 1, kv. 150
    Russia, Moscow

    Twitter: @4evermanics
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1538624708
    E-mail: space.dementia@mail.ru

    And thanks to @VolturiArchive. I read about this contest because of you.

  14. That's sounds like a horrible time. You would think with all the hype that had been build up around the Hunger Games movie, the company would be more prepared to smoothly handle the large amount of fans expected to show up. I'm very surprised, all of the other Hunger Games events that I have heard of all seemed to have gone well (not that I got to go to one myself). I doubt that they will be prepared at all for Breaking Dawn Part 2, and from what I experienced at the midnight showing of part 1 (older ladies about 50 pushing me and my friend, both college age, out of the way so that they could move up one spot in line) Twilight fans are a lot more aggressive than Hunger Games fans, so I think Lionsgate is definitely going to have their hands full.
    In regards to the autograph, I would absolutely love to win it. I am a huge Hunger Games fan, and I would take such wonderful care of the autograph if I did have the joy of winning.
    I am following both twitter accounts and the blog, my twitter account is @spazzmatazz92

  15. This would be such an amazing thing to win. I am OBSESSED with the THG books and movie,and the cast,and tried very hard to go to one of the mall tours as well but in the end my mom didn't think it was worth it...grr... so it would be AMAZING and I would be so very. happy. if I could possibly please win this. I would love to have it and would take such good care of it of course haha it would be right in the center of my THG merchandise.Thanks for the opportunity for this amazing giveaway.

    1. Katnip *snicker*
      You left no way for me to contact you. unfortunately I cannot consider your post

  16. oh and I live in in US and m twitter is @Mockingjay_Fire

  17. I would love her autograph. Anything hunger games is wonderful.

    Twitter is dancespence

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  19. wow that really nice.!!

    Twitter: @asepmakmur
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AsepKasepMakmurDamaiSejahtera or Ampopo Makmur
    E-mail: makmurasep12@gmail.com

  20. Contest Closed I will be putting names in a bowl and drawing it.
    Since HOW to enter was confusing I'll be deciding by drawing names from a bowl-
    You'll get one entry each for the following-
    Left a comment on the blog
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  21. I follow everything! I follow Jen, you, both on Twitter and your blogs! :)