Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BooBoo Interview & Breaking Dawn Part 1 Still Autographs!

My Interview with Boo Boo & Fivel Stewart

Location: The Vault, 1200 West Alvarez, Orange, CA
Event:'BACK TO SCHOOL BASH' to benifit ChildHelp
Date: September 24. 2011

(I have even MORE videos of BooBoo talking about wanting to get more piercings and other fun videos I have taken myself of Nikki Reed & of Peter (Carlisle) reading lines with me from the Eclipse script. Lets not mention how many videos I have of Jackson *Jasper*!!  Just check them all out at
(Yeah, my sister has an "Thing" for Paul)

Arriving early for the event, I quickly noticed Momma Stewart and happily she remembered me! After some warm welcoming hugs, I asked would it be okay for me to blog for live during the event? Much to my immense pleasure, she asked if I would like to interview her very talented children, and of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

After making a mad dash to the internet for questions from blogger, fans and followers I am escorted into the venue and upstairs to a sofa lounge area where the singers prepare themselves for their preformances and give preshow interviews.

Sound check was going on at this time and a singer was whaling away on the mic downstairs so we had to work threw the quieter times of her singing.

After both Fivel and BooBoo rise for preinterview hugs, BooBoo also to my surprise remembered me from several of the Twilight conventions and also all the venues I have (harrassed & stalked) shown-up at asking for autographs over the past year. BooBoo "You look familur?" Jen *Giggle* "I should, yes. Last time was the Strawberry festival. 7 am Breakfast with the police officers at a Community arts building. We shared breakfast together, I obtained about 40 signautes that day from both you and Fivel and my son did fist & elbow pumps with your baby sister. "   BooBoo "Oh yes, I remember."
I asked BooBoo if he had had his Boston TShirt replaced yet. Our last conversation at the Strawberry festival, BooBoo had said one of his sisters had dyed it pink (Shock! How dare they, right?!) Yes, with much relief I found out the shirt had been replaced by a fan. Awww
Okay so now we take our seats. Seated across from the Boo Boo and Fivel Stewart I of course pull out the camera for a preinterview photo seen above.

I pulled out a few pictures I brought with us to have signed, placing a picture I had enlarged of last still of Seth released last week by Summit. Boo Boo excitedly grabbed the enlarged photo, "Look! This was the first scene in Breaking Dawn I did!"

Unsure of the protocol I inquire if he's even allowed to sign the pictures I brought. Boo Boo still fussing over the enlarged print, "Oh, Wow. Where did you get this?" Summit had released it via @Twilight, I explained, so I had it printed out at Walgreens hoping to have you sign it along with these other.

Without another word, Boo Boo snatched up all the pictures I brought and signed them all. He seemed genuinely happy when I told him one was for him to keep. Papa Stewart tucked it away for him.

The striking attribute in this Stewart clan is how relaxed they all are and how they geniuingly appeared to enjoy each other company. I myself am an only child, except for my sister, and what surprised me the most is Boo Boo didn't seem to tire of hanging with his sisters, all that posing, practising, playing in a band together; he doesn't shy away in a corner alone when fans dispurse, or grab a cell phone every second of alone time he gets. He and his entire family seem intuned with each other, a well oiled machine; Papa watching over from the wings as Momma organizes her younglings. Truly loving, friendly people who are very appreciative of their fans.

Quick Snippets from my Questions:

New project, recently signed deal with Designer Sherri Hill (

Who is your favorite sister BooBoo? "Sage" Fivel "Whatever"
Boo Boo perfers to get his clothing from Urban Outfitters!

A TV favorite of Boo Boo's that he would like a chance to appear on is Person of Interest -(CBS ex-CIA & Billionaire get together to form their own vigilante justice)

Fival's favorite TV show that also she'd liked to have worked on was That 70's show!

Would Boo Boo like to appear with his White Frog Co-star Harry Shum Jr on Glee? Only if he liked the script and felt it was appropriate for him to play. After all the Stewarts live the Glee life every day!

Boo Boo has seen all the scenes he filmed in Breaking Dawn.

When asked, BooBoo would only say that his favorite scene in Breaking Dawn is "In the book, when Jake, Seth and Leah make their own pack."

Fivel's ipod is full of Indie music "Indie is hot right now" Boo Boo's ipod is full of classic rock!

I asked if either could not be in enterainment, what would they be doing. Both had trouble with this question. BooBoo tried, stopped, pondered and then Fivel took over saying dancer, she would be a dancer.

I asked BooBoo about the directors of The Twilight Saga, which was favorite. The very pleasent BooBoo said they all had their strengths (Like Slade was very technical) and he learned a lot for all of them.

More Project updates:

Dark Games – A Dark Thriller

DVD available September 20th (

White Frog starring Glee's Harry Shum Jr-, no release date yet, possibly next summer. (( trailer released September 23rd))
If you haven't seen the trailer for it, its a heart warming video. A must see.

Guardians of Luna- animated film also starring the voice work of Kellan Lutz, still in production.

Jake Stevens-The Last Protector – Boo cast as the lead Jake Stevens -shy teenager learns about the true nature of his destiny as a superhero and his role in a battle against good and evil and those who will attempt to stop him. Still in pre-production.

Both Boo Boo & Fivel are both Martial Arts World Champs..retired

Here are some concert photos

The entire concert is below recorded in the one video.

After the concert BooBoo and the entire family did a meet and greet with the entire show attendees. I obtained more photos including autographs.


  1. i wish someone had pics and a vid from wen everyone sang me happy bday that was so awesome

  2. sad can't watch ur one long vid cuz it was taken off for being too long

  3. Wow what an awesome experience- and some great pictures!!