Friday, December 9, 2011

My Encounter with Kellan Lutz 12-9-11 at @AbbotMain

The day starts off with a RT and a LOV YA! From @KellanLutz to ME @TwilightJen!

My video Mini Interview. Only audio, had to hide cell in a secret place! *Giggles*

im at 1:50

My 170 Mile trip in an Hour and forty minute Drive! 

Just a photo of the mall



Yeah, one pair of jeans

One bad thing, On the way home, my sons car was attacked to by aliens! *Sobs* I lost some paint and have to call Geico!

SOOOOO Do you want one of my autographs I obtained from Kellan that night? All you have to do is follow my blog and let me know in a comment below that you want to win it! I do ship overseas, All are welcome to apply, just leave me your email address or a twitter account information so I have a way to contact you if you win! I really will give one away so try to win! Good Luck to all!

Winner video Below!
BTW The car goes into the shop tomorrow for repairs, thanks to Geico, they cover Alien damage!


  1. Nice Blog Jen, you are a lucky girl *giggles* and im very sorry about the Allien's attack :s those guys loves yellow cars xD

  2. You're so lucky!! I would die if i met him :) I would love to win one of the autographs, it's my biggest wish to meet him one day.


  3. I would love to win... It has been a dream of mine to meet Kellan for a long time.

    Email is :

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time Jen!! I'm so jealous!! I would LOVE to win a Kellan autograph! Thanks for another awesome contest! :)

  5. How awesome that you got to meet Kellan! I would LOVE to win!!! Thanks for the chance!


  6. @officialceladi is me ;) id soooo love to win this, he is truly an inspiration with all the work his does for diff charities

  7. I would love to win his autograph!! You're one lucky woman who got to meet him :))

  8. Ok, I registered to follow by e-mail, I hope that counts as well :)

  9. You do so many amazing things!! I would love to have his autograph....I was hoping to see a pic without his hat on...did he ever take it off??
    (sorry about the car...that sucks!!)

  10. Oh My Kellan! I am one of the biggest Kellan fans ever and would love to win! :D

    My Twitter: @VintageVampyre
    My Email:

  11. OMG! I want his autograph!
    My Twitter: @NanuJG
    My Email:

  12. I´d loveee to win it..didn´t have a chance to meet Kellan..
    I love you blog :)
    twitter: @blondelena

  13. Aww Kellan is such a sweetie, you just wanna hug him! my twitter is @TwilightDaisy so if i win i'll tweet you my details ;)

  14. Oj, forgot my details:
    My Twitter: @mijaloow
    My e-mail:

  15. ahhhh!! OMG you are so lucky! wish i could have been there! been dying to meet him since forever *sigh* but so happy for you! you got to see him in person and the signings :)

    Here's my twitter name :@KVSalvatore

    *fingers crossed*

  16. Hi Lucky One!!!!
    My name is Anya and I dont really know how I got here hihi (looking 4 KC stuff xD) but its so cool u met him... Its my dream non-come true (yet) so I'd love to get that autograph 4 sure so here's my TW name: @EvChirteen... As I have no luck at all if u want to follow me be sure you'll be follow back!
    Congrats!! :D

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  18. Hi I'm Monse & I'd love to own the autograph
    Thx 4 the chance
    Twitter: @monsetwilighter

  19. Squeeeeeeee This contest is amazing! So would like to win.
    Following the blog with my twitter:

  20. this is awesome! He was the one person I missed TWICE in LA. *sigh* he's just too fast...

    adawnn1 AT gmail DOT com

  21. wow the blog is amazing, the pictures are so cool. Kellan look so nice and he love his fans. nice blog


  22. I WANNA WIN!!