Friday, April 6, 2012

My Encounter Photos with Milla Jovovich First Look at Resident Evil: Retribution #Contest for Zombie Killer's Autograph!

Milla Jovovich as Alice



Contest Time

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The more entries the better you chances to win! (5 total possible!)

Contest ends on May 15th

What you win an a One of a Kind Autograph! 

Did you know that my friend Boo Boo Stewart was in a Zombie Movie?
 This movie was filmed with Video Game Effects to give it that feel!
Here is the Link to the IMDb 

How I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse

A single mother and her son struggle to stay alive in a shattered and brutal land where the undead roam the Earth.
I knew that Boo Boo had been in a Zombie killen' Movie so I found this Still from the movie and had it printed. He autographed it for me the last time I was with him & his parents in L.A. 
Boo Boo was excited to see this photo from this movie. It had been a long time since he thought about it. 

Good Luck to all who enter and Please share this blog to your friends so they can enter too.


  1. what can i say I really have not recognized Booboo, wow he was young and became a very handsome young man .Mila is a really great actress I love it in resident evil she kick some zombie butt she rocked


  2. Wow! I haven't even seen that film with Booboo in it yet, so will be looking it up! I love Booboo & would be stoked to win this! I already follow all of the twitter accounts & blogs listed so should have 5 entries with this comment. :D

    My twitter I follow them from is @VintageVampyre & I follow the blogs from this blogspot account.

    My Email is

  3. I can't believe you met Milla Jovovich! She's an amazing model and she was BADASS in Resident Evil. Loved the movies!

    Oh and Booboo. It would be really COOL to get another autograph of Booboo Stewart. I know I already have like two or three of it but I'm collecting his autograph with different photos of him. And I never saw this picture of Booboo so I would LOVE to have this one :D

  4. Hey! You're very lucky to see the exclusive footage of RE5. Can you please tell me what you thought of the action sequence? How was the slow-motion used? Did the action sequence include non-stop, heavy slow-motion like this: ? Or did Paul W.S. Anderson implement a perfect balance of real time and slow-motion like this: ? Thanks and I look forward to your response. Cheers!

  5. follow twilight jen on twitter @jtwark

  6. I love Resident Evil films. I own each one on blu ray and can't stop watching them.