Friday, January 6, 2012

VIDEOS:My Encounter with David Slade! Winning the Eclipse hand drawn Original Storyboards & Script for the Movie! David tells me to "Shut UP!"

I have to say here that I am 5 ft 2 1/2 in tall here in my defense. 

Date is December 4th 2010 at Dark Delicacies

I had just won from @Twilight the Eclipse Script, David's hand drawn Original Storyboards from the Movie and his dressing room test photo of Alice!! 

If you watch the Directors commentary of Eclipse Stephanie Meyers talks about the Storyboards. She says the vampires coming out of the water was her idea! *Giddy* That is one of the two storyboards I have!!
The other one is of Riley getting bit by Victoria!
Dark Delicacies was all decked out & ready for Eclipse Event with David Slade! 

This is the line outside the book store!

This is where I show the items off that I won from @Twilight I ask David to autograph them.

David was a bit confused because the Eclipse script came to me unsigned. He was saying here in Video that he had autographed on for the contest.  

This is where I put David Slade to work autographing Eclipse CD's, stickers, Burger King toys & Posters! 

I had David Slade autograph lots of items

I have to explain this next video. I was so excited to have won all the items from Summit and David Slade that i went a bit overboard. I kept Tweeting @David_A_Slade constantly a photo of all the items on twitter thanking him for the items. Continually ........So whenever David signed on to his twitter account all his @'s were from me. (Grins) 

So he sent two replys Two days before this event without an @ back to me but I knew who the tweets were for.  Read it Bottom Tweet FIRST. 

 So this video is us discussing my Twitter attack and my understanding of his reply on twitter. 

David was trying to explain his frustration with all my @'s and asked me "I didn't know what you wanted."
meaning on twitter with all the @'s

Here is a pic of the script right after that event. It has changed alot in this year!

So since this date, I have been taking this script around, getting as many autographs as possible on it! 

This is it today! (Grin) 

This is the Alice photo that some of you may remember David Slade had tweeted the Makeup test photo. I have a hard copy that is Ink Archived autographed and noted by David.

These are the storyboards, I have them behind glass now. They are double sided. Each camera shot from the Eclipse movie was done this way by hand and by David Slade! This is the movie opening scene, Riley being bitten by Victoria.

Break out the Directors commentary of Eclipse!  Stephanie Meyers talks about the Storyboards. She says the vampires coming out of the water was her idea! I was given this storyboard! Its amazing. The bottom right frame is marked Bree! Interesting fact, this storyboard was drawn before we commoners knew anything about the Bree book coming out. But I find it interesting that even before Eclipse was filmed, they knew Bree was going to be important.

Below are just some interesting photos from the book store.

I hope you enjoy the blog about this!

If you would like to win a Burger King Toy that I had autographed over a year ago by David Slade, just FOLLOW this blog & make a comment on the bottom below and tell me what you think!

I will pick a winner in a random drawing which will be videotapped and I will force a kid in the house to pick a winner. I will ship overseas. Good Luck all!

Random photos from the event

 Cool pic of the trip there, just passing Ventura 

This store has such cool items!

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Thanks! <3


  1. Can I switch lives with you?? You have so many amazing adventures to tell. I wanna be you for a little while before BD2 comes out and this fun ride is
    Why didn't they do Burger King stuff for Breaking Dawn?? I was ready to gain 5 pounds collecting everything again....(see? That's the extent of my exciting

  2. That's amazing! You're so lucky you get to meet so many people!

  3. Love ur blog
    & Mr.Slade wasn'tvery happy when he had to autograpph those BK toys xD I'd love to own 1 :)

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  5. I would love to win! I'm a big fan of David Slade's! :D My Email is