Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I learned from Bree.

(Attached are a pic of my copy of the Bree book, My Eclipse script she signed and my Twilight Convention pic/autograph.)

Names of some Newbies: Riley, Diego, Fred, Kristie, Raoul (Hulk), Kevin (spiderman), some blonde kid Jen, Heather, Jim, Logan, Warren, Sara, Dean.

Newbies killed by the "Sun" Shelly, Steve, Doug, Adam, Kid with bright red hair

Newbies don't like the term "Newbie"

Newbies can be really stupid if left alone.

Newbies don't play well with others and are not likely to share.

Vampires will never Unionize.

Vampires like video games, music and reading books.

Vampires shouldn't play with matches!! --Venom is EXTREMELY flammable!

You should decide your prey before you scent them out.

The problem with Humans are they never have enough blood in them.

A 11 month old Newbie can feast on a Pimp and a Hobo and be good for a few weeks.

A 3 month old newbie can feast on 2 Ho's and a Hobo and be hungery in 24hr but won't burn until the 2nd day.

Modes of travel, up walls, across roofs, swinging across girders under freeway, walking under water, swimming, jumping from tree to tree, gliding* (perfected by the Volturi.)

Vampires have Super secret clubs.

Vampires are walking Disco Balls.

Blood is warm and sweet. Drugs in blood cause bitter aftertaste. Alcohol in blood is sour tasting. It's all good.

Pretending you're a superhero characters when your a vampire sounds fun. "Hulk Smash"

Under a rock Under the water is a spiffy hiding place for your lunch left overs.

Vampires use a lot of Ziplock bags and lighters.

Breaking into a Mall Store is easy.

Super-Stupity is Not a skill the Volturi will seek out.

Venom is like superglue, you can put your parts back together with it.

Limbs are replaceable, Hairloss is FOREVER.

Vampires kissing sounds like brushes and ticking.

Riley has a temper. Victoria has a bitchy disposition.

Victoria killed a lot of humans in her attempt at making vampires.

Victoria's voice is high and trill like a spoilt young girl.

Jane's voice is monotone and girlish.

Volturi always maintain the diamond formation when on official business.

The Volturi are the Vampire Police. Vamp Po Po.

The Volturi are wearing matching Goth clothes.

The Volturi visited Victoria and gave her a 5 day deadline to take action on the Cullens.

Victoria is a real go-getter planning on getting it done in 4 days.

The Volturi don't argue.

The Volturi don't accept excuses.

Vampire elbows make good hammers.

If Riley had survived he was going to open his own cupid dot com franchise.

Work together, Watch your back and don't go at her head-on.

Take a ferry boat at your risk.

Bella is a pet and she smells sweet like a dessert.

The fight almost didnt happen thanks to sparkling vampires short attention span.

"Ripping and Burning" appealed to Jen.

Someone is reading TwiTwitter..Ninja skillz, Fred's ability is what Val did.

Jasper was very proactive protecting the knowledge of the pack from Bree & the Volturi.

The Volturi are Dirty--Really Dirty.

Bree thought to Edward about Fred...yet he didn't go look for him.

Fred Run honey Aro will not like a vampire he can't see!!!

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A big Thank you to @CJ_TwilightFan 

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