Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Pirates Auditon Tape for Muscian's Institute 

Pirate referring to his HighSchool Mascot!
Second video below has sound.
Pirate & Mini (including Whitey in the background) at 100 Monkeys Concert

Today, contemporary music instruction is part of nearly every college music program, but when MI began in the late '70s there were few such options available to musicians. When a few dozen guitarists and three full-time instructors gathered for the first GIT class in 1977, they knew that they were breaking new ground in music education.

Musicians Institute’s unique campus is located in the center of Hollywood, California. The three-story, 60,000 square-foot main building contains world-class recording and performing facilities along with classrooms, practice rooms and library. Nearby are facilities housing additional classrooms, practice rooms, studios and performance rooms as well as MI”s administrative offices. The main building is open to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week except holidays.

MI’s extensive recording facilities serve as the main teaching complex for the Audio Engineering and Independent Artist programs as well as studios for student projects.

Studio A
Studio A features a large tracking room for full live band recording, an SSL 4000G+ Series 36-channel analog console and ProTools HD 3 24 I/O digital audio system with 192 interface.

Studio B
Audio Engineering students learn digital recording and 5.1 surround mixing techniques on a ProTools HD system with 192 interface and surround monitoring. The studio also houses MI's Foley pits and ADR monitoring system.

Studio C
Students track, mix and learn automation on the classic NEVE Vx “Flying Faders” 36-channel analog console and Protools HD 3, 24 I/O, 96 interfaces and Otari MTR 90 2” analog reel-to-reel recorder.

Studio D
Features a custom-made “Mini-SSL” 4000G+ Series 8-channel analog console and Protools Digi002 digital audio system for compact high-end tracking and mixing.

Studio E
This world-class THX Certified dubbing stage is equipped with a 48-channel Digidesign ICON D-Control console and Pro Tools HD 3 recording system.

Music Production Lab (MPL-Room 102)
An Audio Engineering recording, teaching, and lab facility featuring twelve Mac workstations each equipped with Digi002R Protools digital audio, Logic, Waves Gold Bundle, Reason, Line 6 Bass and Guitar Pod Pro amp modelers, KORG Triton Keyboard, and Akai MPC 1000 sampler.

HD Lab (Room 103)
This Audio Engineering lab contains six Mac workstations loaded with ProTools HD software and plug-ins plus a C24 Control Surface.
Digital Audio Lab (CS202)
Audio Engineering students learn digital recording techniques on twelve Mac workstations with Protools Mbox A/D interfaces, Logic, Reason, Waves Gold Bundle and a variety of other recording and mixing tools.

Recording Techniques Lab (Room 281)
This Audio Engineering lab contains twelve Mac workstations loaded with Pro Tools, Logic, and Reason software, Line 6 Bass and Guitar Pod Pro amp modelers and MBox 2 interfaces.

Independent Artist Tracking Studio
The main tracking studio features a Mac G5 running Cubase SX3 audio software with a full complement of plugins, outboard gear and microphones to handle both direct and live recording, including full live drum set.

Film Program Editing Suite
Students of the film program learn editing and compositing on Mac Pro workstations and finalize their projects on the HD online editing system using Final Cut Pro and After Effects.
Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Drum & Vocal Studios
Each of these dedicated instrument-specific studios is designed to train students in the art and technique of studio performance. Each studio is equipped with a Mac G5, Protools and/or Logic Audio and related hardware, software and outboard gear.

Keyboard Workstations
KIT students have access to three different rooms equipped with a total of more than twenty Mac G5/Logic Audio-equipped digital audio workstations for instruction and project development.

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