Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Encounter with Taylor Lautner at Kimmel! I obtained autographs on Eclipse script & Photos!

Insane madness! That is what it takes to obtain this man's autograph. First you stand in a back alley for 2hours hrs waiting, then the guards put up a metal baracade and its a mad mad dash to the baracade with no requard to lines or who was here first. Then you spend another three hours
standing butt to boob with strangers waiting and guarding your baracade spot. Legs stiff, toes knumb and needing some starbucks. Guards tell you not to scare him or he will walk or run away. So finally after the tapping of this show since he doesnt do autographs as he walks in, he appears. If you thought you were butt to boob with strangers before......not even close. When he arrives its madness.

A dash afterwards to Starbucks for hotcoco makes it all better. Thanks Taylor for the autographs!

Sorry there isn't more video, I thought I was shooting longer and over heads for much longer than I was.

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