Monday, October 3, 2011

My Dakota Fanning Autograph Has Arrived!

OMG! *Giddy-Dancing around the house for the past 15 mins* I have finally tuckered myself out so now I can write this blog!

Four months ago I decided to, instead of my normal recon of tracking down a TwilightSaga star for an in-person autograph, mail a few items to an actors publicist/agent. Dakota is my first experiment with this method. I have had success!

I mailed a Self Address Envelope with three items to be signed. One magazine page seen above and two very small items. One magnate of "Jane" from the Eclipse Volturi magnate set and one other small photo. I also included a note with a photo of myself asking for her autograph. She (They) kept the photo of me with my mini man and returned all the items with only the one larger page autographed.

I am so thankful and very pleased to have gotten that much!

I think I shall restart my dancing parade around the house! OMG I need a frame! I shall dance my way to Michaels instead!

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