Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jen's P.O.V. of Jackson Rathbone's fans

Jen's P.O.V. of Jackson Rathbone's fans

5/21/11 Tommy Bahamas in Las Vegas is the location. 
The 3 hour wait in the Vegas blazing sun did not bother any of us Monkey fans (except the one girl who obtained sun poisoning that day). The boys had a last night in Vegas the night before so scheduling a noon concert for the morning after was asking too much, we know. But patiently (well most of us) we waited in line for any sign of the Monkeys arrival. Slowly a skirt and flat shoe wearing manager appears followed by a few straggling Monkeys who surprisingly set up (duck taped) their own equipment.  

When I said (well most of us) patiently waited in line, there is a story to this. In most fan situations I've been in, all of us are eager and friendly; sharing stories of encounters and generally being very jolly. With the Monkey fan base there is a bit of territorial fan base. Many have been fans long before Twilight took over the internet and our own lives so they tend to cringe at the site of Team Jacob tee-shirts. Things do go further with rival fans trying to "out do" other fans, like trying to entice Ben Graupner with an offer to buy him some coffee or bringing elaborate items to parade in front of the manger so she brings over the band to see. BTW it creeps out Graupner to offer to buy him stuff, just ask to pose with him for a picture, he likes that. But back to what I was saying, these fans will try anything to weed their way into a better spot or a close up handful of some Monkey arm which only makes the remaining fans who are waiting in the assigned line form a vicious pack, with sneering, scoffing and howling mass over the rivals who are trying to sneak their way in the back door. It does make for an interesting day and you generally walk away with some new twitter and facebook friends.

(The Pic of Ben & Ben after Ben Graupner was creeped out by the coffee offender)

Then the man himself enters looking well rested and not bothered by the Vegas sun.

They played a few tunes. (Hearing Shy Water in my head)

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